Comments about theme in Mad Max: Fury Road from Fanfare.Metafilter.com.

This is someone on the Fanfare thread quoting and replying to another person in the thread.
And I mean how can you not love how Nux's whole arc was basically "SEE?!?! PATRIARCHY IS BAD FOR MEN TOO"

It's not just Nux's story, either. It goes all the way up and down the chain: The warlords at the top have become bloated, diseased and deformed. The youngest boys are literal cogs in the machine - the winches that raise and lower the citadel platform are operated by the boys' climbing on the gears.

And I find it curious that, say, the MRA creatures find this "wrong" for a Mad Max film, when it's very much of a piece with the others. The group Max saves in "Road Warrior" are basically a commune - (calling them "hippies" might go too far, it's been a while since I've seen it, but I think it's at least close). In "Thunderdome," capitalism becomes a tool to create a thin veneer of civilization that really just keeps the populace quiet to support the elite. A main point of "future dystopian" fictions is to be funhouse mirrors to reflect our real world back to us by playing up the extremes. So it totally makes sense to me that this movie is tackling patriarchy.

But the cool part is, it's still so damn fun even if you don't really think too much about it. I mean, I knew so little about what the story would be when I went. When I saw the first clip of Tom Hardy chained to the front of a car with a metal muzzle bolted to his head I just went "shut up and take my money." And I read nothing else about it. So the entire plot was a surprise to me, and a wonderful one.

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