Grumpy robin

Here's a photo of the juvenile robin I took yesterday out the bathroom window. It was through a screen, so it looks weirdly blurry--I futzed with settings as much as I could in Photoshop to sharpen it and remove the blur, but it ended up making the whites a bit unnaturally bright.

I love baby and teenage birds. They always look so grumpy.

Also, I finally refilled the feeders (and got rid of the crop of seedlings that had sprouted in the yellow feeder thanks to all this rain and put more seed and mealworms on the windowsill.

But before I did that, we had a visit from a disgruntled squirrel.

Here is a set of photos of the squirrel's visit. Know how I know it's disgruntled?

Because what it's doing in image #3 is, as I discovered when I went outside to refill things a few minutes later, is peeing on the windowsill.

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