As I felt slightly more up to doing things today, we went out to Bed, Bath and Beyond to look at new bedding. Fifteen minutes there was all I was up for, so we bought a blanket and came home. Toby returned with coupons, because we'd forgotten them, and bought the rest of the stuff we picked out.

I spent the afternoon out in the hammock on the back porch, and discovered that I could, from the angle I was lying at, watch two bluejays building a nest. Once Toby got home, I got him to bring out the binoculars and my camera, and spent a couple of hours watching them and attempting to get photos of them and the other birds that showed up.

Bluejay wing!

Bluejay head!

It's not yet recognizably a nest, but they kept flying up to that spot with twigs and other stuff--I could swear at least one was a piece of paper with writing on it--in their beaks, then messing about up there.

A white-winged dove that peered at me very suspiciously from behind a branch before eventually flying off.

This would have been a FANTASTIC photo of a Bewick's wren had my autofocus not decided that the fence behind it was more interesting. Sigh.

Zeus and Hera showed up, leery of me, and hung out on the fence and the neighbor's roof for a few minutes, until they decided I was too risky for them to take a bite.

This robin showed up on the brick fence in back, earthworm in beak.

Hammock, with the robin in the background. The faint rats of light you can see in the robin pic are due to shooting through the hammock cords, and having them blurred almost, but not quite, to nonexistence.

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