So I have this thing...

I have this thing. This thing holds my keys and my keyfob and my work ID. I would like to replace this thing with another thing that will hold all of that plus my phone, because I am tired of juggling my current thing, my phone, and a very hot cup of tea as I walk to my office. However, I do not want another phone case, as I would like to use my phone separately from the new thing and not break it when dropped, so the new thing must be able to hold my phone in its case (not terribly large).

It must hold all my keys--I mean, I only have four on there right now and one of them's for a padlock--because if I separate my keys into Work and Personal the way Toby does, I will start losing them and forgetting them.

So. Does this thing exist, and/or what search terms do I use to look for this new thing?

(Bonus points if it replicates the functionality above: that solid brass rectangle you see up there is a keychain where one half pops off on demand so I can give my keyfob to valets and mechanics without breaking my nails on the keyring.)

ETA: Adding that I do not want a full wallet because I do not want to run around the building with my cash and credit cards and all that on me. Also, my car works with a push button, so this thing won't be hanging from the ignition slot.

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