Yesterday we cleaned up the area beneath the bird feeder, which had been covered with sprouting birdseed (no thanks to the sparrows, who throw everything they don't like out of the feeder while searching for the stuff they like). A few months back Toby laid landscaping cloth underneath the feeder, so it was just a matter of unstaking it, rolling it up with the seeds and sprouts inside, then throwing it away and laying new cloth. We also moved the pole that holds the feeder a little bit away from the bush it had been next to.

Didn't refill the feeders, though--the previous weekend we put down rat poison and want our little rodent friends to go for that instead of the tasty, tasty seed first. (I don't like the idea of poison, but I like the idea of other types of traps even less, and after spotting two rats on the ground below the feeders last week, something must be done to make sure they leave the area.)

Anyway, here's a photo of two finches stopping by to complain about the level of service, plus a nifty rolling shutter effect.

You may notice a second set of arms on the feeder pole. We found them in the garage and added them. Maybe we'll put another feeder there (after the rodent problem is dealt with), maybe we won't.

Also, we both hate that yellow feeder. You can't get it onto the pole without tilting it and spilling feed, plus the mesh gives rats and squirrels a way to hang onto it and eat, and the overhang isn't large enough so that it fills with rain and the seed starts sprouting. And the yellow paint is already coming off. I have plans to replace it with a finch feeder soon.

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