I made this for Toby, not this past weekend but the previous weekend.

It's a chocolate rolled cake, filled with a marshmallow-type filling and slathered in buttercream before being rolled up in orange fondant and decorated to look like Toby's usual order at Freebird's World Burrito. Which is a steak burrito on cayenne, with mixed cheese (white AND yellow), mixed rice (Spanish and cilantro), a bit of corn salsa, black beans, cilantro, and sour cream. Missing: red onion and whatever sauce he usually gets. Also, he hates guac but I had to make some anyway. :)

Mixed cheese, rice, and cilantro played by coconut dyed the appropriate color with food coloring. Steak is candied pecans, Raisinettes in the role of black beans, Swedish fish chopped up to stand for corn salsa, and buttercream frosting for sour cream and guac, with extra Swedish fish bits in the guac for tomatoes and jalapenos. The tortilla was made with fondant kneaded with food coloring until it got somewhere near the right shade of orange, then I hit it with a kitchen blowtorch in spots to get the browned bits that you can't really see in this picture.

(What does buttercream frosting with Swedish fish mixed in taste like? About what you'd expect: pretty nasty. Gummy bears next time!)

It was more a triumph of showmanship than taste, alas--I'm not talking about the toppings, but the cake itself. I screwed up and bought the wrong size jelly roll pan, so it was too big and I overcooked the cake. And then the marshmallow filling decided it really wanted to be liquid at room temperature and had a tendency to drain out. At least the buttercream slathered over in underneath the fondant was good!

I'd do it again, but double the cake recipe to account for the pan and just make extra buttercream and fill it with that.

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