Pork chops with pineapple salsa

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Pictured: Toby’s lunch. Mine’s much the same, only less attractive as my lunch box is a different shape and I kind of had to cram things in. And I don’t have the sour cream.  Toby grilled pork chops last night–we rubbed them with Creole seasoning from a local chef, and let them sit overnight to dry out so they could get a good sear on them.

Pineapple salsa that we made last week went with it nicely. We also found a bag of new potatoes I’d bought a couple of weeks ago and forgot about. Earlier in the day I ran across a recipe for prosciutto potato poppers in which you tossed new potatoes in olive oil, garlic powder, and salt, then wrapped them in prosciutto and roasted them, then sprinkled rosemary over them. We didn’t have prosciutto, but we did have bacon that was going to get elderly, so I wrapped them in bacon, speared them on skewers to keep the bacon on them, and roasted them on a rack above a foil-lined pan to allow the bacon grease to drip off. Verdict: good, albeit a bit dry so you need butter or sour cream with them.

Also taco chips to eat the rest of the salsa with, and grapes stuffed in to keep the potatoes from knocking about in transit. :)

Potato recipe from J. M. Hirsch’s High Flavor Low Labor.

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