Spent the weekend at my mother's house, giving her the big photo tour of Japan (because we hadn't seen her since NOVEMBER AAAAGGGHHH), and then, as she is considering downsizing even more, going through a bunch of old photos and scrapbooks and various mementos of family (and people we don't even remember!). And then loading a selection of those, and half of her cookbook collection, into our car to take home.

As a result of all of this, which involved a lot of talking, my throat has been strained and is now sore. I haven't gone into full laryngitis, and my goal is to prevent myself from doing that by not talking whenever possible. (Oddly, as a child in Tanzania I wold periodically cause laryngitis in myself by sticking my head out of the window of the car and keeping my mouth open as we drove. I think I liked the sensation--of air entering my mouth, not the laryngitis. Perhaps I was a strange child.)

Anyway, there's one box that I haven't fully gone through which contains some old photos--either tintypes or daguerreotypes. I am not sure how to tell them apart, but I can tell they're the kind that will fade when exposed to light, so I need to ponder the best way to keep them preserved.

In other news, I killed a large silverfish in the bathroom last night. Am 99% convinced it came home with us in these old boxes. Call to exterminator on the schedule to ensure we don't get a population of these things started.

Also, here is a photo of the Bewick's wren that hangs out near our house. It was finally caught by the spycam.

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