Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say

Right! So remember that I am a hobbyist designer of covers for ebooks, specializing in cheap and cheesy cheerful romance?

I've been commissioned to do another paranormal romance book with a dragon shifter in it, and I was perusing other dragon shifter covers on Amazon to get ideas for how to make it look different than my previous ones, which are in a series and need to be distinctly different than the new one, when holy shit, what do I see?

Cover on the left by me, published May 6th. Cover on the right by...dunno, maybe the author, maybe not, published June 12th.

In case you want to go and check out the descriptions yourself: Link to Zoe Chant book. Link to the other book.

Anyway, I'm finding this hilarious, and in a way kind of excited for Zoe that people think her books are worth imitating the cover on (well, she is in the top ten paranormal romance authors as of this writing).

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