I have a problem!

Maybe you can help!

I have to create enough art in 8 weeks to fill 3 bays at an SF con art show.

I also, as I have this sideline of ebook covers, have to create enough example covers and pre-made covers that I can sell to make my website worth visiting.

I have zero inspiration, alas. (I swing wildly between zero inspiration and too much coming at me, and no focus. #ADHDlife)

I am thinking that maybe if people supplied me with fake book titles, original characters from your fic (Genre fic: SF/F/Horror/Historical/Paranormal Romance, etc.) or RPGs, or other types of potential inspiration, it might help me focus.

No fanart, and you'd have to give me permission to sell prints and/or originals if it's your original character. (Stick with fake book/story titles if you're unsure!)

If I end up with a work out of it, I'll happily email you a high-res copy of it (with a permission letter for printing it out if you want to take it somewhere or get a print made online).

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Tags: art inspiration
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