Warning: commercial post! Plus food.

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In other news, I am now eating solid food! Woo! I ate nothing but potatoes* yesterday but today I not only ventured out of the house for the first time since Wednesday evening, but went grocery shopping with Toby and stopped by Schlotzsky's on the way home and had a small original sandwich because it just sounded really really good.

The plan is, in the next couple of days, to make meatballs and a teriyaki sauce, toss the one in the other and freeze them for lunches, and to make a Japanese recipe for green beans and asparagus that has other stuff in it that I can't recall at the moment, plus eventually make a larb/laab/however you want to spell the Thai salad.

Plus, there are leftover potatoes to have with lunch.

*Confit of Potatoes Provencal, which is one of my comfort foods: sautee either fingerling potatoes or cut-up other potatoes in olive oil for 3 or so minutes, pour in chicken broth, turn the heat down and simmer 'til done.

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