Deeply dreaming foxes

Right! So you've heard of Google's Deep Dream, which uses a neural network to find and enhance images in photos, and which ends up in some trippy-ass shit, often with eyeballs everywhere. There's an online service now that will run your photo through the Deep Dreaming code, but it does take about two days at the moment, because there are thousands of pictures in the line. They give you a URL that you can check every so often to see if your pic has been processed yet.

So of course I put a couple of pics through it. I did this one, of the fox shrine in Arashiyama that [personal profile] rachelmanija and I happened upon back in 2007. (Pic from 2015, on my visit with Toby.)

The fox has turned into a sort of hybrid rabbit-chicken, there's a lot of dogs hanging about, and appropriately enough, there's now an ornate door to the fox-tunnel.

I also did this one, a candid shot I grabbed on an observation deck overlooking Tokyo Station:

My conclusion: Google's Deep Dreaming is really, really fond of dogs. (In more prosaic terms: people uploAd photos of their pets a lot.)

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Tags: art inspiration, deep dreaming
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