The Cintiq has arrived, and it's currently downloading and installing Windows updates and various graphics and other programs that I want to use. It's a pretty nice beast, even larger than I expected it to be, and the monitor display has such high resolution that the text is teeny tiny and I'm going to have to get Toby to show me where to increase it again because the first increase was not good enough for my getting-ancient eyeballs.

Anyway. So that survey that Wacom sent to me? It had a nice large textarea form field where I could write notes about my customer service experience. :) :D 8D

What I wrote
First, you sent my Cintiq Companion to fucking ORLANDO when I live in TEXAS. You somehow screwed up so badly that I did not even get a shipping confirmation (or someone in your company is running a scam on you and diverting shipments). I did not realize it had been shipped!

Second, when I emailed to inquire where my order was, I got a message back that first asked me to confirm that I had not received the shipment. When I did so, the person replied with "I see that it's been delivered" and gave me the info, which showed it went to Orlando. Apparently it did not occur to her to check my shipping address, which would clearly have shown her there was a problem.

Then I phoned in. The person I talked to on the phone took my information, did some preliminary investigation, then said she'd have to talk to the shipping department and would call me back. She confirmed my numbers -- yes, you had 2 numbers for me -- and then utterly failed to call me back.

That was a Thursday morning. FOUR DAYS LATER, on Monday, after no contact, I emailed Customer Support AGAIN. And explained everything AGAIN. The entirety of the reply I got was "I'm sorry for the inconveniences . We will update you once we already identified the issue."

I replied, giving you one week to get me my merchandise or I would dispute the charge with my credit card company.

There was no update as to what happened. What I instead received was 3 RMA numbers to return products, and no explanation.

The *next* day, I got a message saying my order was re-shipped, but still no explanation for the RMA numbers. I can only assume that they're automatically sent when an order that has been already shipped is cancelled, but they're confusing.

Anyway, NONE of this gave me any confidence in your company, and I was left in the dark every single step of the way. No explanation as to what happened. No apologies except for "inconveniences"--$2700 worth of merchandise vanishing is a hell of a lot more than an "inconvenience." No actual action until after I threatened to dispute the payment. No continuity in customer service: in fact, every single contact I had with you was with a different person.

The Cintiq Companion 2 arrived today, THIRTY-THREE DAYS after I ordered it.

In conclusion: your customer service sucks ass and if anybody else had a device comparable to the Cintiq Companion 2, I'd have cancelled my order and ordered from them in a heartbeat. As it is, now that there are several other players in the graphics tablet world that are comparable, when it's time to replace my regular tablet I'll be looking elsewhere. I will also be telling my employer (large university library with a fancy new vizualization/fabrication lab, to be managed by my department, being built in our new building right at this very moment) about this and pointing to the alternatives when it's time to shop for graphics equipment.

The reason I am not checking "Yes" to "Would you like someone from Wacom Customer Support to contact you?" is because I am 100% sure I will get another useless contact who will just parrot scripted platitudes at me. Now, if you can get me a supervisor who has the power to tell me in plain words what the hell happened to my shipment ([case number]) and what you're doing to ensure this doesn't happen again, and to give me a sincere apology for shipping $2700 worth of equipment to some random person in ORLANDO, then maybe you can contact me, but not for anything less than that.

Okay, so I'm not actually sure what equipment we're getting in addition to the 3D printer for the Fab Lab, which is indeed being built as we speak, and honestly companies and organizations with large orders probably have different customer service contacts than random graphic artists do, but I'll definitely be informing my boss about the customer service I got, in case we're looking at anything Wacom.

In case you're in the market for anything graphics-related, I shall point you to Ray Frenden's Reviews tag. He is a professional artist who works extensively in digital formats, and who reviews everything that comes down the pike. He's the reason I went for the Cintiq Companion 2 over the Surface tablet, in fact (better surface feel and programmable buttons on the frame, which fit my workflow better). But he's reviewed tablet monitors and graphics tablets from other companies, and nowadays you have much lower-priced options for those.

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