Create an anthropomorphic personification of music. Include a cow.

I am behind in making art and ebook covers...
...so of course what I did was make a random prompt generator focusing on fantasy art. :/


It's still rough and I've got elements in the wrong order in the prompts, and need to fix my particles, and need to work out what to do about capital letters and such, so you don't get things like: "Your picture is of a a dragonborn" and "Create a portrait of a stoic, ritual scarification a merfolk with a scepter".

But when it works, you get things like:

This Tarot-like card, titled the grace of music, features a cricket.

Try re-telling of a myth with a theme of envy.

You are illustrating a folk tale about science. It includes a writer and a herd animal.

Your picture is of a a dragon with a gift to give, wearing soft boots.

This picture is of a dragonborn with a burn scar. They are holding a farm animal.

You are illustrating a yarn about war. It includes a smith and a cricket.

Make a picture of a magician in a boat wearing a tiara.

This picture is of a half-human with unmet needs, in a bazaar.

Please do feel free to make suggestions for terms!
I'm sticking with traditional fantasy here, rather than urban or modern-day fantasy, and I'm trying to remain generic enough that the prompts can be used with different real-world cultural influences (er, I'm not specifically saying "a katana" or "a bastard sword," I'm saying just "a sword." Not "houppelande" or "kimono," but "robe." Does that make sense? Let em know if you spot things that are more culturally specific and have generic suggestions to replace them with.)

My categories are:

Concept - Things like love, war, the individual areas the Muses and the Graces represent, etc

Personification - Kind of heard to describe? An angel [of Death], a god or goddess, a patron saint, etc. Basically, if you can stick "of [concept]" after it, it goes here.

Person - Really goes along with RPG race systems - human, half-elf, orc, etc. My list here is kind of dinky.

Adjective - Modifies a person, but is not a characteristic. Er. There's a lot of muddiness between this and Characteristic, but I'm using this for things like: gaunt, teenage, genderqueer, imposing.

Role - Their role in life. Thief, merchant, knight, scholar, mage, guardian angel, etc. A bit more intimate than the Personification above.

Action - Ends in "ing." May also be doing the action at something - frowning at the viewer, smiling at someone, etc.

Characteristic - A more specific physical characteristic represented with a noun. Brown hair, blue eyes, a missing limb, etc.

Prop - An item that is not clothing. I am also stretching the definition of "item" and have things like "with love to give" alongside "a pet," "an orrery," etc. If you can put a possessive "with" in front of it, it goes here.

Clothing - Specific items, like worn-out boots, and general items, like "elaborate clothing"

Environment - This is a bit more epic than "Location" below. Think of a large landscape painting with teeeeeeny tiny little figures in it, if any. That's the environment - a rain forest, a mountain range, etc.

Time - Hours, seasons, etc.

Event - Something happening. An engagement. A wedding. A funeral. A diplomatic meeting. A caucus. A chance meeting with deep consequences. Etc.

Location - More intimate and specific than Environment. A library. A ship's cabin. A clearing in a wood. A wizard's tower.

Story - A story type. A tall tale. A saga. A ballad.

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