It is so work!

Right. So as one of my ideas for generating art for the SF con next month (aaaaugh!), and as stretching my wings a bit, I thought I'd try to paint some space scenes, with spaceships and stuff like that. Of course, I am utter crap at designing mechanical stuff. But then I was reading through one of my how-to-art books, James Gurney's Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn't Exist, and he suggested kitbashing--getting cheap model kits and basically, randomly gluing bits together until they look like a spaceship.

That I thought I could do. So I hied myself off to a couple of arts and crafts stores and bought models they had on sale, and have spent the past week or so wandering by the living room coffee table, where all of this is spread out, and randomly (well, maybe not quite so randomly), gluing bits together until they looked like spaceships.

I've just taken photos of them.

And what I've learned from the photos is that I need to pull Toby away from his current videogame and have him hold them, because I can't hold them out far enough to get the entire ship in focus. :)

Kitbashed Spaceship 1:

Kitbashed Spaceship 2:

Kitbashed Spaceship 3:

Spaceship 2 is pretty obviously, at least to me, some sort of freighter, with one lousy gun on the top to protect itself. It was originally going to be some sort of non-spaceship wheeled transport, until I glued a set of car seats upside down to a wheel base that I'd mutilated and the car seats looked like exhaust ports, and I needed something that needed exhaust ports and glued them together.

Spaceship 3 wasn't doing much of anything until I glued the grey bit to the top and all of a sudden the scale changed from small to MASSIVE and it became...er, some sort of MASSIVE starship.

Spaceship 1 is kind of sleek, although in the dead of space you don't really need sleek that much and I've got too much crap on all sides for it to be able to land in atmosphere. :D

Thoughts? (Does anything stick out and go HEY THIS IS A CAR PART or something?) I probably ought to get some grey flat spray paint and paint them all one color, but that would be work.

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