BTW, as I'm trying to stave off the point where I actually have to give Dropbox money*, if you sign up for a (free) Dropbox cloud storage account using my referral code, it'll throw an extra 500MB of space my way.

* It'll come one day. It'll come. Sooner than I expected, because it turns out the easiest way to swap the pictures I'm working on between my desktop and the Cintiq is via Dropbox and that 1TB of space for $10/month is looking awfully tempting right now. I have just gained 250MB by hooking up the Twitter account I keep solely for commercial things that give you free stuff for tweets (@chatproblem), and by following them with that account, which will do for today's needs but I anticipate the future will be tight on space. Especially as the picture I hope to paint today by following a tutorial I bought will probably fill up that extra space.

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Tags: selling out to da man
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