nibbled to death by ducks

Work exploded recently. A controlled explosion, but an explosion nonetheless. I took the website live last Friday and the two weeks beforehand were spent frantically coding and fixing things, and this week (and probably next week) will be spent frantically coding and fixing things, and I have zero downtime, when I usually have time to rest a bit and refresh myself between tasks, since every hour there's another fresh wave of emails with error reports, requests, updates, etc., request for explanations of why things have changed, etc. So I'm getting home exhausted and cranky.

And I committed to three bays of art (i.e., three 4' x 4' panels) at an art show at a con at the end of September and I have only about three pieces of art that I can post right now, and am attempting to create one more digital piece (have to get those done because I need to send them out for prints) before I can get to the pencil/marker/what-have-you of the rest. And I'm STILL feeling creatively tapped out, partly because of the exhaustion and crankiness mentioned above (which means I'm not a pro artist, because the mark of a pro is being able to soldier on in these conditions. OTOH this is *why* I'm not doing art for my living...because when it becomes work, I don't enjoy it any more.)

And then there are the things I am behind on--the ConDFW website, which is THREE MONTHS BEHIND, because the last thing I want to do when I get home is MORE WEB CODING. I've been trying to give this job away for two years now, and nobody's stepped up to volunteer, so I'm feeling even less enthused about it. I already told the director that I am flat out not doing it next year, but that still leaves this year to get through. (And once the website's done there's the program book to (not) look forward to.) There is also a book cover that I am 99% finished with and literally keep forgetting about (and feel SO GUILTY) except when I am at work, emails I haven't replied to, and website updates for the book cover business that I just can't get to because I'm at home freaking out over the art load (and since I'm not the only one with access to the site, it just doesn't get prioritized over the art, because I am the only one who can do that).


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