it is finally starting to turn into something

The pic I'm working on is finally starting to turn into something, so I am starting to feel the pressure ease up a tad.

Very small because I don't want to give away the details yet, well, mostly because the details look pretty crappy.

I'm following Jonas De Ro's tutorial on Sci-Fi Environment Design Techniques, which cost $5 (and is a large movie file to download), and is worth every penny. He show you how to photobash and work out negative space and the lighting and suchlike to produce an impressive-looking SF cityscape. Note that it takes him 2 hours to speedpaint his scene and it's taken me about 6-8 hours of work so far to achieve what I've got right now, which is exactly 50% of the way through his tutorial. :) (I've got the video shared with the iPad from my computer, and I play a minutes or two, stop and do the techniques he's doing, etc.)

And I've got ideas for 2 more pictures that are NOTHING LIKE THIS ONE so there may be even a bit more of a light at the end of the tunnel.

Back to the cityscape...

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