Need help tracking down a bug

I have a bug! I can't replicate it! I need help in tracking it down!

Can those of you with Windows and IE...
...use IE to go to: http://library.tcu.edu/

See the big thing front-and-not-quite-center that says "FrogScholar," "Databases," "Library Catalog," etc.?

1) Does it look like this?

2) Can you click on the "Databases" part? If you can, after you do, does it look like this?

3) In the database navigation pane that appeared in step 2 (hopefully), does clicking on any of those buttons, or picking something from the drop-down menus* take you to a new page?

4) IF ONE OF THE ABOVE ANSWERS IS "NO"... then please go to this page: http://library.tcu.edu/databases.asp
Does the database navigation pane show up there? Does it work?


Please also tell me your IE and your Windows version. THANK YOU. There's a bug where the accordion menu doesn't work for some people, and the only thing I've been able to figure out is that it's on Windows and IE that it happens. But only SOME computers with Windows and IE. Certainly computers in the school of business, and the profs reporting it don't want to spend time troubleshooting, and cannot or will not use other browsers.


*Not optimal for giant lists, I know. I have Plans in mind to change them for the better once I get errors like this other thing knocked out.

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