Toby took me home this morning (and went back in to work after lunch) because I've got a headache that's threatening to turn into a migraine and the florescent lights in my office combined with staring at a screen wasn't helping.

The cats' reactions to us arriving home in the middle of the day:

Nefer: Wha--? Oh, hey, you're home early. Pet me. Pet me. Peeeeeeeeet meeeeeeeee.

Sora: HOSHIT HOSHIT HOSHIT THEYRETAKINGMETOTHEVET *slinks at top speed, as close to the floor as possible, into a hiding spot*

No idea where Sora is right now, but I figure if I go looking for him, he'll just get that much more traumatized. I expect if I go lie down and try to sleep, he'll probably come out of hiding and curl up near me.

*I have an actual window in the office in the new part of the building, once construction is complete on that bit in a couple of weeks. I am hoping that the light coming in will be easier on my eyes and head.

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Tags: migraine, state of camp telophase
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