Thanks to all the folks kindly making suggestions on my previous post. I have produced nothing as of yet because nothing is making my fingers itch.

I've spent 3 or 4 days with ideas pouring out and now that I've done them, there's nothing in my head. It probably didn't help that I woke up with a bad, bad headache this morning that I managed to banish with the application of a Coke (caffeine) and two Excedrin. And then a couple of hours later I was feeling very weird and antsy, like a panic attack, and spent an hour or so pottering about the house because it made me feel better to move and worrying that something ahd gone seriously wrong with my health before realizing that I'd had a pretty heavy caffeine load* on very little food and thus I was in the grips of the jitters. Which at least made me feel better that I wasn't going to drop dead of a mysterious malady.

And once that wore off it was replaced by deep tiredness, which not even a nap outside in the hammock banished, so I suppose that it's the dregs of the headache pulling me down.

And I lie--I do have some inspiration. The problem is that it's all pieces that require digital painting, and I no longer have time to get prints made before the con. In an ideal world I'd get one 8x10" and two more 4x6" traditional media (pencil or colored pencil, which is what I have that doesn't require me spending more money) done before the con. Anyone got any ideas for silly little pieces like the cat-and-fairy or the knitting squirrel?

edit Also, this is what I did last night. This is a crappy phone photo because I haven't taken it outside to get the glamour shot. It's black and grey pencils on...I guess you'd call it drafting film? It's a thin translucent acrylic/plastic thing for drafting. It holds pencil really well without smearing but is very erasable. I can't smudge for shading like I usually do, which means I have to buckle down and learn to bloody crosshatch properly, but when you screw up you can erase it no problem.

It needs a title. I am tapped out there, too.

* Comparatively speaking, I suppose. I don't drink coffee and rarely drink tea.

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