*waves hello to the new people from the Friending Meme for LJ Survivors*

As I said over there, I'm Stephanie, a mid-40s web services librarian in a North Texas university library. I don't try to keep myself *that* anonymous here, just enough that someone has to work (by "work" I mean "read more than 3 or 4 posts" or even "find all the clues in this post") to connect all the identification dots, so you'll probably work out where I live and which university before too long. :)

I'm married to myrialux, otherwise known as Toby. (Don't bother friending him as he hasn't posted since 2009, logs in only to read my locked posts, and doesn't friend people back if he doesn't know them anyway. That makes him sound like a terrible grouch, but he's just an enormous introvert when among people he doesn't know.)

I do art, mainly digital. My works are posted here and also at Deviantart, original works over on this Deviantart account and fan works on this Deviantart account. I am also the ebook cover designer/artist known as Augusta Scarlett, and that website is simultaneously fairly new and fairly out of date. Once the Fencon art show is over in a couple of weeks, I hope to update it.

You can find me on Dreamwidth at [personal profile] telophase. I'm on Tumblr as telophase14 and thingsthatscaremycat, but the latter is crossposted here (and hasn't been updated since before I got married) and the former is mostly repeats of art here and reblogging things that come across my Tumblr dashboard. I'm also on Facebook at sfolse14, but if you friend me over there, drop me a note to let me know who you are because I don't friend back people I don't know there. (I have an enormous f-list there because of friending people specifically for Facebook games--they stay on a separate filter so I don't see their posts and they don't see my non-public ones, and I don't spam non-game-playing friends with game stuff.) Facebook posts are mostly art and pictures that I've posted here, plus some linkblogging that tends not to make it over here. I'm even on Twitter @telophase, but I haven't posted anything there nor even logged in to read my twitter f-list, so it's kinda moot.

And now that I've wasted brainpower on listing all my social-media stuff, I don't remember what else I was going to write here SO YOU'LL NEVER KNOW.

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