Something reminded me of this today, and I don't remember if I've told the story here or not. If I have, well, it's a good one anyway. :)

See, my husband myrialux is a Harry Potter fanboy. He doesn't read fic or anything, but Jim Dale's audiobook renditions of the series are his favorite comfort listens reads.

Which means that he is the proud possessor of a Very Nearly Goldtm trophy for winning a Harry Potter trivia contest against several children and a fanfic writer.

It was our honeymoon, back in 2012, and we were on a cruise (picked because it was cheap and booking it meant that we didn't have to make any decisions about the honeymoon while we were embroiled in wedding plans). They tend to run lot of Fun! Activities! including trivia contests, and when myrialux spotted the Harry Potter trivia contest announcement in the daily schedule, he wanted to go.

We got to the proper lounge area a few minutes ahead of time and fortified ourselves with coffee and tea from the coffee bar nearby, and watched the area slowly fill in. A minute or two before it was due to start, a couple around our age sat down at our table. The husband decided to engage in a little trash-talking. He leaned over to us and, smiling, pointed to his wife and said "She writes Harry Potter fanfic!"

We nodded, and smiled, and murmured how nice that was, and I pointedly didn't ask her AO3 name or anything that would out me as someone who knew what fanfic was (STRATEGY, YO).

And then the contest commenced. When all was said and done, myrialux came out of it with 9 questions out of 10 correct, the clear winner. The Very Nearly Goldtm trophy, a small tacky replica of the cruise ship, holds pride of place in our curio cabinet.

As a side note, while technically myrialux got 9 out of 10 questions correct, in the contest he got 8 out of 10 according to the quizmaster (who obviously had never read Harry Potter), because the quizmaster claimed the Dursely's house number was either 5 or 3, I don't remember which, as that's what was typoed on his answer list. Toby and the kids were mouthing "No, it's 4, right? Yes! I thought so!" at each other across the room in astonishment. I had the ebooks on my Kindle at the time and came this close to whipping them out to prove him wrong, but realized just in time that people might think we'd been cheating, so I merely simmered in rage instead.

If anyone is interested, the actual question he missed was Voldemort's mother's name.

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