New office!

I have photos of the new office I'm getting at work! It's brand new, as it's in the newly-constructed part of the building, and there are some issues with the furniture to be dealt with, but hey! New office!

Edit: Good news! I went up to the new office again and met my boss there, and he said that he'd actually switched the offices since the last time I saw the plans so the one I was looking at wasn't mine. The one he told me was now mine has NONE of the problems I mentioned below! Woo!

This means I need to post new pictures, of course, and will get to that shortly.

From the doorway. A long, skinny poster will be making its way onto that panel to prevent people from looking in at me. If coworkers want to see if I'm in or not, I will happily put an IN or OUT door hanger on the door.

Here's the other wall. There's a whiteboard mounted on the wall. No tray for the eraser and markers, though, so I'll have to get a basket or something.

The view towards the door. I don't know why they put two visitors' chairs in there as I told them that nobody ever comes to see me, and one is plenty. (for Toby, when he comes to eat lunch in the office with me)

The two chairs above are kind of crowded, of course, so that only very short people can visit me comfortably, because they inexplicably set the wall unit up in a way that forced them to move the desktop weirdly close to the door. Here is what they did:

WTF filing drawers? I have worked here for ten years and this is the amount of files I have! And most of them can be thrown away as I've never once looked at them!

I have moved the small filing cabinet away to a place I like better, and have asked that the two huge filing drawers be removed. If they're removed, I can use that surface to the side like an actual desk and spread papers out there to work on.

edit: Also, I forgot! Every other office has dual monitor arms installed! I don't! I'm the person who actually USES dual monitors!

Anyway! I now get to think about how I'm going to decorate it! One of the catalogers has a rug in her office and I really like that--it would help warm the place up. A tall plant or something on that small filing cabinet, now that I've moved it to a corner, would help. If I can move that bookcase to the wall next to the door (once I move my desk away from there), I can put a coatrack there.

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