Take 2!

HERE is my real new office!*

From the entrance!

If you look closely at the window, you see the blinds disappearing into the wall on the left. They only go in about 6" or so and there's a sound barrier between my office and the next office. The windows were there previously, and for some reason money they didn't either take them out or fit the office walls to the mullions between the windows.

The wall with the whiteboard!

The view from behind the desk!

The comments about designing/decorating from the previous post still stand. I like teh idea of a rug in there.

That desk is a sit/stand one, BTW. I've already got a chef's mat in my current office, since I occasionally stack my keyboard on risers and try to stand for a while, so it'll come in handy with the new desk.

*If you'd already read my previous entry: I went back upstairs to ponder the layout once more, and met my boss there, who told me that he'd switched the offices around since the last time I'd seen plans, because he remembered I didn't like to be the one closest to the door. So the new office has none of the problems of the previous one. Well, ok, there's still an inexplicable amount of linear filing space, but it's no longer in my way.

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