I have finished my annual hate-read of Mercedes' Lackey's latest Herald book[1], and as I'm feeling run down and sick, I want more of the same vague sort of thing. Does anyone have suggestions for unchallenging fluffy pop fantasy in much the same vein? That is available on the Kindle?

1 She's not complaining. I actually paid for the damn thing.

My current complaint about the series...(spoilers within)

Right. So I know that it's currently the Herald Spy series, and as such, there should be lots of spying. Well, yes there is. Lots of secret factions within the Valdemaran government spying on its own citizens using hush-hush methods that the populace knows little to nothing about.


In a post-Snowden world, can we really hold this up as heroic behavior? I mean, the Big Bad of this book isn't even caught by this, but by good old-fashioned police work. (The way that no terrorists have been caught by all this spying, but by good old-fashioned police work.) I mean, this is either brilliantly subtle subversion or just ripping stuff from the headlines to serve as story-fodder without bothering to think through the implications.

I know which interpretation my money's on.

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