Halloween total: no less than FIVE Darth Vaders. After we spotted an entire family dressed as Star Wars characters--who never came to our side of the street!!--I downloaded the Imperial March to my phone and hit the Play button every time a Star Wars character showed up or someone called Toby out as being Star Wars-related.

NONE of the kids realized Toby was the Emperor. They all called him Darth Vader. WHAT SORT OF FAILURE OF PROPER PARENTING IS THIS?

That entire box of candy you see in my previous photo was given out and the ravening hordes KEPT COMING--we had to apologize to some who were running up our driveway as we were putting the chairs and empty box away. Half an hour later, at 8PM, we left the house to go to a late dinner at our favorite restaurant. So many people were still out and about that Toby had to stand out on the sidewalk and act as a crossing guard to prevent me from running over anyone as I backed out.

Sitting out on the porch was so much nicer than hopping up and down every minute or so to answer the door, and it was hilarious to see how it broke some younger kids' programming--they'd run up the drive, stop and stare at us in confusion, then go to knock on the door or ring the doorbell. Usually by that point a parent or older sibling would corral them and herd them over to us, but then they'd be so confused at this departure from normal that they'd just stand there and wouldn't say anything.

Remembering how popular the plastic fake vampire teeth we gave out a couple of years ago (I had bought a package to make pumpkin vampires and couldn't find a package smaller than 25, although I only needed 5 or 6), we also bought puffy skull and bone stickers and little plastic skulls to give out. They were bizarrely popular, probably because they were something different. So many kids ran back to their parents going "MOM! MOM! I GOT A STICKER!!" That's a definite go for next year.

Also, someone in the neighborhood is That Guy and was giving out full-size Hershey bars. I saw several of them in kids' loot bags/buckets.

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