So a long time ago I posted about my and [personal profile] myrialux's experimentation with a Brussels sprouts recipe, the conclusion of which was that we still both hated Brussels sprouts.

Many of you said that oh no, if we just roasted them simply we might like them. Well, I am here to tell you...nothing about roasting them. But I have, in fact, now eaten a recipe that included Brussels sprouts that I didn't hate.

On Saturday, after the local roaming extortionists shook us down for all our candy, we went to one of our favorite local restaurants, Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine. While there, I ordered a new dish from the fall menu, which was a breast of pheasant with, I quote, "house-made bacon, five spice potatoes, brussels leaves, applesauce, demi-glace."

Reader, it was delicious. All the more so because the leaves of the sprouts contained no trace of any Brussels sprouts flavor whatsoever. They were merely texture. I ate half my entree (because I always, always have to get the tres leches créme brulée BECAUSE YES) and had the other half for lunch on Monday and it was still tasty and compeltely free of any Brussels sprouts flavor.

So: yay!

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