BTW, the PS4 we bought came in last week, and this weekend we went by Best Buy and bought a used copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition and a new copy of Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.

We already played DA:I on the PS3, but this way we can both play it again with a different Inquisitor so I can romance Cullen yes we could have done that on the PS3 version and play the PS4-only DLC.

And we got $10 knocked off AC:S because someone had filed a copy of a nicer version in the wrong spot behind a locked glass door and we tried to buy it at the price it was therefore labeled, which was half of what it actually was--we tried to look it up but that version didn't show up in any of our searches, so we didn't realize it was UberSpecialVersion. The clerk called a manager over to ask if he could knock the price down for us and after the manager (1) accused us of placing it in the wrong section--we pointed out it was BEHIND A LOCKED GLASS DOOR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD and he backed down--and (2) publicly berated the clerk for daring to suggest we get the product at the price it was marked as, telling him the store couldn't give away all its margin, he offered to knock $10 off the price. At which point we said we wanted the version that was cheap, which was why we got that since it was labeled as the cheapest, and he said we could take $10 of the regular, plain version. (WHICH IS TITLED "LIMITED EDITION". IDEK.)

Anyway. This is all to say that we ran into this very glitch, which was captured for posterity by someone-or-other and uploaded to YouTube. In it, there are THREE invisible characters, Evie and Jacob Frye, the main-character assassin twins, and Henry Greene, an assassin confederate of theirs. No spoilers, unless you count them acquiring an employee and a train early on in the game a spoiler (OH NO I JUST SPOILED YOU MIGHT AS WELL WATCH IT).

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