Ongoing Saga of the Drama Queen Plant

(see "the sergeant is a drama queen" tag for previous episodes and photographs of the plant in question)

I failed to water the Sergeant before going way for Thanksgiving, because I'm testing these water-filled gelpack things as a way to keep the Sergeant alive over the extra-long Christmas holiday (we're a university; we get the week from Christmas to New Year off, and Toby and I are taking a couple of extra days off so we can avoid traveling on the worst of the travel days). I was going to water him thoroughly on Tuesday and stick a couple of the gelpacks on his soil and see how he held up over my days off.

Naturally, I got a migraine on Tuesday and didn't make it in to work. I'd put one gelpack in the pot the week before. I get in this morning, and the Sergeant is perky and looks exactly like he does when nothing is wrong and he's fully watered, which was unexpected, as I figured he'd be flat by now, even though the soil was dry as a bone.

HOWEVER. Apparently he required an audience, as within three hours of my arrival he was swooning and droopy and looking as though he'd never been given a drink in his life.

Verdict on the lone gelpack: I think they work well enough to keep him from dying over Christmas and in the spring when we go on a cruise and I won't be in for a week, even though peace lilies aren't supposed to like waterlogged soil. I think he'll survive that for a week and a half better than he will no water at all.

Although he might complain about it.

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