Okay! I think I'm on top of all my work for once! That doesn't mean it's done, that just means I have it more-or-less organized so the stuff I have yet to do is scheduled and I know what I should or should not take on.

As far as ebook covers go, I have been a busy little bee and so far I've got 24 covers total done this year. I have just updated my Scarlett Ebooks portfolio page with all the finished covers.

All published books link to their sale site. If the books aren't published as of the time of my updating, they just open up a copy of the image on the page.

(BTW, Kennar Jae is a new writer--if shifter romances are your thing, check out her first book. The other two have finished covers but aren't published yet as of this writing.)

Anyway! I've got 5 books booked to do in the next 4 weeks, and Art Yuletide to finish. That's the most pressing deadline now, so off to paint. Wheee!

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