Man, I like Ask Metafilter but the problem with asking the internet for advice is that people answer the question they think you asked and not the one you actually asked. My very first AskMeFi question, back in 2009 or 2010, was asking for private tour guide recs and of course I got answers telling me I was doing my vacation all wrong. Bah.

In today's case, I was asking how to find someone who was qualified to answer an international tax question. It's partly my fault for adding in the actual question, but aside from one person who suggested the consul/embassy website and someone who suggested I Google for it, the rest have taken it upon themselves to answer the tax question. Even though my actual professional tax preparer does not know the answer to this question.

I'm actually 99% sure they're correct, but "someone on the internet told me it was OK not to pay or report taxes to your country" is not something I want to have to tell the country in question on the off chance that they're not.

(I have, actually, Googled for it using search terms suggested by that other questioner, and found an English-speaking tax person in said country who claims to reply to emails about that, so have sent off an email.)

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