Dragon Age: The Loadening

So we just finished our second playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition. We haven't done the DLC yet, but Toby has Fallout 4 calling his name, so he's going on to that right now, and we plan to work on the DLC over the holidays. :)

Toby (I'm sure most of you know this, but when we do games together, Toby usually does the combat stuff and I make the story decisions) indulged me in my desire to romance Cullen, so we played a Dalish elf female mage Inquisitor named Lady Whatt (The Fuck?). He was very nice about it, even when I accused him of being jealous when he forgot to go talk to Cullen and shut the PS4 off. (Cullen's sensual Lego hair and his dreamy way of closely inspecting the wall between the bookcases in his office when he's idling are, of course, two of his most appealing characteristics.)

And I just submitted a Fandom Stocking entry (will link when it's up) with the following blather:
Dragon Age: Inquisition: Warn me if it involves DLC spoilers: we just got a PS4 and will be playing those over the holidays, and I'll read it afterwards. Two playthroughs. Male!Inquisitor was named SerTired (Of This Shit), a human rogue specializing in ranged weapons (bow, mostly), who ended up looking like a Roman centurion who just can't even. Romanced Cassandra, played him as an atheist. Fem!inquisitor was Lady Whatt (The Fuck?!), Dalish elf mage specializing in the electrical stuff, romanced Cullen, tended to be a bit prejudiced against humans in her decisions, stuck with the Dalish gods options whenever possible. Pale skin, mousy-colored chin-length hair, scarred face. Feel free to give them actual names. :)

If you want to go a bit AU, my husband's and my silly headcanon while in the playthroughs was that male!Inq was actually a stupid prince that kept getting in everyone's way so they gave him some sort of BS title and told him he was saving the world, then sent him on all those FedEx quests and resource-gathering missions to keep him out from underfoot while everyone else was getting stuff done. Fem!Inq was actually the Inquisition's best fundraiser, given the courtesy title of "Inquisitor" and she ran around gathering resources etc. She was allowed to come into board meetings War Table meetings to give her advice, and then after she left everyone got on with the real business. (Really. Why was the Inquisitor in charge of interior decoration at Skyhold when there was actual world-saving work to be done? Any organization with volunteers always has That One who thinks they know better than anyone else and you need to get them aimed at something that won't destroy anything while everyone else does the real work.) So...who was the real Inquisitor, the one running the show? Scout Harding! Note how she turned up everywhere, knew everything, and seemed to be giving the Inquisitor subtle orders...?

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