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I was just reminded of a hilarious glitch we encountered in Dragon Age: Inquisition that I meant to post about.

First for those who don't play, understand that when characters are in a combat situation, if they have weapons that have special things on them, the weapon can change appearance. So for instance, Toby had Cassandra, a fighter, equipped with an axe that had some sort of fire rune or other power associated with it, so when she's in combat the axe is flaming. When she's not in combat, there's no flame, and the axe appears at her left side, as if she's got some sort of sheath there.

So. I forget where in the game it was, but it may have been during Cassandra's personal quest. The party was in a ruined keep or some such, fighting successive waves of bad guys. A cut scene triggered, and Cassandra walked around, speaking to the Inquisitor.

However, bad guys showed up at the same time that the cut scene triggered, and the game's animation got stuck halfway between "combat" and "not combat." So during the cut scene Cassandra's axe appeared by her side as if she weren't in combat, only the head was flaming, so it looked as if her ass were on fire and she wasn't noticing.

And the bad guys kept attacking Cassandra and the Inquisitor during this scene. They'd pop up behind them, shoot arrows or throw some sort of fireball-equivalent, and we'd get game noises and effects as if the arrows/fireballs hit, but Cassandra and the Inquisitor took no notice whatsoever.

I really have no idea what Cassandra was talking about, as I couldn't pay any attention to it, what with arrows, fireballs, and flaming asses. I was a bit worried that the characters were taking damage and would be dead as soon as the scene ended, but I didn't need to, as once the cut scene was over, it turned out they hadn't taken any damage from the attack.

If anyone else experienced and recorded it, and if I can find the right keywords to coax it out of YouTube, I'll link it.

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