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What my in-laws fed us yesterday:

They usually eat 2 big meals instead of 3 daily, but in concession to Toby's and my 3-meal schedule, we were served a small lunch of tuna salad sandwiches and chips, along with an offer of cookies, cake, brownies, and all the list from yesterday. Cocktail shrimp and sausage were also offered and declined.

Dinner was:

Grilled chicken breasts
BBQ baked beans
Deviled eggs
Baked potatoes with butter and cheese
Garlic toast

Along with offered wine, beer, Coke, water. Dessert of pound cake, apple cake, brownies, cookies, and Rocky Road ice cream was offered and declined as Toby and I slowly rolled our way to bed.

My mother in law announced that as she was cooking Christmas dinner today and serving it about 5, breakfast and lunch will be light affairs, so we only had this offered for breakfast:

Cornflakes with bananas and half-and-half*, oatmeal, pound cake, Apple cake, coffee, water. (We ate just oatmeal and cake because cake.

Our light lunch is, I believe, leftovers of all of the above plus that cocktail shrimp she wants to get eaten. Christmas dinner's entrees will include turkey breast and a pork tenderloin cooked with an elk sausage in the middle--the family friend who gave her the elk sausage recommended that. (We have already been the recipient of excess frozen elk meat at Thanksgiving and will be taking more home. In other news if you have a recipe for elk backstrap, chili meat, or sausage, now is the time to come clean.) Not sure what else is on the menu at this point. Tomorrow breakfast will be cinnamon rolls before presents are opened, and she's already announced that we'll have a full breakfast afterwards, presumably for second breakfast as I assume by now that she is an extremely well-disguised hobbit.

I don't think we need fear starvation in the next 48 hours.

* This is her daily breakfast and has been ever since Toby has known, which she lets sit for 15 or so minutes to turn into mush before eating. She is a tall, slender lady who can afford to have half-and-half on her cereal, unlike most of the rest of us.

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