The Myth of "Easy" Cooking. Well, the author and I have very different ideas of what "easy" means. (for one, it looks to me like she conflates "easy" and "tedious".)
"All this means that tonight, I can order excellent pad thai from my phone in under a minute. Or, I can find a recipe for “easy” pad thai, run—literally, run—to the grocery store at lunch, hope that grocery store sells fish sauce, then spend 40 minutes making the dish and 20 minutes cleaning up. The decision to cook from scratch may have many virtues, but ease is not one of them."
Or...you go to your pantry and use the fish sauce that's already there, because you cook Thai-ish on a semi-regular basis and fish sauce doesn't go bad? Or you look up the recipe at lunch, realize you don't have fish sauce, and find another recipe that uses ingredients you already have? Or you order the damn pad thai and start making a list of recipes that you'll cook this weekend when you have time?

Mountain =/= molehill

In somewhat-related news, Toby and I have been trying to make an effort to cook at home more and either plan a little more in advance what we're going to make, and to have a selection of stuff already at home that we can use to make something quick. We use a recipe app that shares items and lists back-and-forth with each other and our computers, and it has a grocery list function. We came up with a basic set of meals and listed the ingredients, then created several "recipes" like "Basics: Pantry" and "Basics: Freezer" that listed them. When we get ready to go to the grocery store, we add those recipes to the list, then go through and delete anything we still have stocked. It's worked for about three weeks so far--we always have something on hand that we can cook in 10-45 minutes, so we're not resorting to fast food or eating out because there's nothing else.

(And fish sauce is a "Basic: Pantry" entry. Squid brand fish sauce, to be precise, partially because that's the one my mom used when she started coking some Thai recipes, and partially because we have a friend whose mother is Thai who uses that.)

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