More things Toby has said while playing Fallout 4

Oh, we were nice and quiet and then you started shooting, lady.

I get it, these people are just wanting a better life in the Brotherhood, but the problem is, they're just fucking creepy.

Dude you're only worth 5 XP. Don't get a big head about this.

Yay crit meter filled! And...quick save...boo-yah!

Legendary Brotherhood Knight-Sergeant! Sweet! [proceeds to one-shot him] Suck it!

Mm, crispy squirrel bits are tasty.

You can't what? I can't hear you over on account of you being dead.

Dude you have to watch this. I'm going to zap away. It's totally cool. You're going to miss it. (Triggers teleported) oh well.

Ohhhh....I finally get a railroad rifle! Cool! Ooh, yeah, I will fix this sucker up. (scrolls through mod menu) Oh man that's awesome. I am going to put you on there!

Come on Dogmeat. We're going to go fuck up some guys in power armor!

Don't be like that, man. Don't say that shit.

You know, I'm going to leave you alone. But you assholes I'm going to loot.

Really? Ok, all aboard the pain train! Woo-woo! Oh-ho, god damn! *giggles* (the railroad gun makes a train noise when you shoot it)

I should really heal myself. But first...(giggles)

No! Not to my dog,asshole! You're just upping my crit meter! Ooh!Homeboy's got a Gatling laser. Unfortunately I have railroad spikes so I don't care.

Yeah, chest armor gone! Whatcha gonna do? Ha-hah!

Ohmygod I pinned his head to the wall...That's awesome!

Damn, didn't take his head off.

Save screenshot! I pinned them both to the wall! That's awesome!

(He's already started planning his second run through the game, working out his character so as to get as many trophies as possible. He built this character based on intelligence and perception, the next one is using Intelligence as his dump stat, and we've already nicknamed the next guy Jarhead. And Jarhead is definitely going to join the Brotherhood of Steel. Hopefully they don't crash a vertibird on him!)

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