The currently-radioactive Nefer is safely locked n the spare bedroom with child safety locks on the door handles so that Sora can't let her out. He did so yesterday afternoon, before Toby was able to put the locks in, when we thought we'd safely barricaded the door with a box of hand weights that weighed more than he did. More fool we, as I discovered when Nefer strolled out to check the food bowls.

She yowled quite a lot this morning, starting about 4 or 5 am, and has done so on and off today. I spent half of my allotted daily 20 minutes with her this afternoon when she'd stopped, because I don't want her to associate yowling with getting my presence.

I also just spent a few minutes sticking a feather toy under the door in an attempt to play with her, but she just meowed at me. I gave up when the meows indicated she'd gone elsewhere in the room, but I'll do it again later, as I figure some interaction is better than none, even if there's a door in the way.

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