That was a con

ConDFW went pretty well, all things considered. We had the usual problems that one always has with a hotel, with the added bonus of not being informed that the hotel had booked a REVIVAL with LIVE MUSIC in the ballroom next to our panel rooms on Sunday, so that the panelists pretty much had to scream to be heard. (And after it was over, a group of revival attendees gathered in the lobby, blocking panel rooms, to chant and whatnot, so our director called Security on them.)

This elevator panel in the parking garage really kind of encapsulates it:

On a more personal level, I managed to whack my head really hard on the door frame of the car when we left to go watch Deadpool Friday night. My head is fine, but it screwed up my shoulder and part of my upper back. I took one of my muscle relaxants* last night, which has cleared my shoulder up, but revealed the pulled muscle that's causing all the problems, which is a small spot right next to my spine. Arg. There is no postural position except for laying down flat on my back in which the pain goes away.

(Deadpool verdict: enjoyed it quite a lot.)

* Part of the migraine prevention toolkit--as tension headaches often trigger migraine, if I've got a tension headache I'm supposed to take one of these right before bed.

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