State of the telophase

So, I went to work yesterday for the first time in a week, and bailed halfway through. Got home, tried to nap, couldn't because of coughing. Ended up at the after-hours clinic that the practice my doc is at runs because she didn't have any openings available. After a surprisingly short wait, I saw a doc who diagnosed me with a minor sinus infection and reactive airways (which I know I have). Anyway, his explanation boils down to my airways acting like I've got asthma even though I don't and they're trying to close up when I lie down, which triggers coughing, and pretty much explains why I've seen 4AM several nights running.

"But wait!" I hear you say! "Aren't you always banging on about the advantages of running a humidifier at night when you have a cold and how you don't get those horrendous coughing attacks anymore since you started doing that?!" Well, yes. We got a new humidifier a few months back since something went wrong with the old one, but I felt that it just never worked as well as the previous one--it certainly didn't go through water anywhere near as quickly-- and when I took it apart to clean it two days ago, I felt SLIME inside it GROSS UGH UGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHGUHGUGHUGHGH and then I immediately dragged Toby out to Walgreens and we bought a new one that had the word ANTIBACTERIAL on the box and we threw the old one out with extreme prejudice. The new one is GREAT and has settings that range from QUITE A BIT to FOG UP THE ENTIRE ROOM and even has a setting that will heat up the spray a bit so YAY.

I now have three prescriptions. Well, two with one on the way--the doc gave me a scrip for an inhaler, and then one that had an antibiotic and some prednisone on it. I noticed the AB was the Z-Pak that had given me that terrible reaction a few months ago, so I gave it back to him and he wrote a new one for a different AB and forgot to put the prednisone on it, which I didn't notice until too late. So I emailed my doc, explained everything, and they sent me a message this morning that my doc concurred with the diagnosis and they'd call in the prednisone for me.

The other thing I have is instructions to not sleep lying down, since that triggers my airways to do their thing, and I couldn't sleep except in very small snatches, and when I did sleep, I wheezed (as Toby corroborated). Since attempting to build a nest in bed never works very well for me, I am now out on the recliner-couch in the media room, with a pillow fort of pillows around me so that I may gently rest my head on either side as I wish.

I'm not saying that I got good sleep last night, but I got way better sleep than I had the previous nights, and I got an actual six hours of it, which was way more than the previous nights, where I'd get about 3 or 4 once 4 AM hit and my coughing died down. (I don't know what it is about 4 AM.)

Here were the reactions of various members of the household:

Me: *builds pillow fort*

Nefer: Oh, you're sleeping out here where I've been sleeping for the past week or so. Cool. *sleep*


Toby: Oh good I don't have to sleep with that humidifier noise. *sleeps* *in the morning* Um. Maybe I needed the humidifier after all.

Yes, now poor [personal profile] myrialux has The Cold. He's not taking it at all well, poor dear.

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