Oh great

Visual disturbance. It's not from my eyes because it's in both, which means it's from my brain. Which means it's most likely that I now have aura with migraine, or am getting an ocular migraine. Fuuuuuuuck.

We stopped by a fast-food place for breakfast this morning, and I ordered Dr. Pepper but I'm still congested enough that I couldn't tell what it tasted like other than "sweet water". Wonder if they gave me a diet soda by mistake? I know they contribute to my migraines.

If anyone's curious, the disturbance is just to the right of center, and started out as the right half of an oval, kinda of kaleidoscopic, and is now slowly widening (still the right half) into a kind of squashed boomerang of kaleidoscopic fragments.

[edit] And now it's gone, about 30 minutes after it started, which is bang on time according to Dr. Google for an ocular migraine (30-60 minutes). Now to see if it's a thing in and of itself or if it's a precursor to a pain-type migraine. And if it's a thing in and of itself, then what do I do if it shows up when I'm driving? Guess I pull over and play with my phone if I'm not close to home.

fyi, the squashed boomerang of kaleidoscopic fragments just got wider and wider and wider until it passed out of my field of view.

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Tags: migraine
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