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So I've been keeping a BulletJournal for a few weeks now (actually, two, one for home and one for work), and have been attempting to resist falling headlong into planner porn. And, because it seems the people who have the most elaborately decorated and structured planners covered in colorful washi tape with six different pen colors and elaborate doodles of leaves and vines and such are people who are professional bloggers and YouTubers working from home, who tend to post planner pages filled with Daily Thoughts and Word of the Year and vaguely spiritual practices and domestic chores rather than non-house work,* I admit I'd been rather small-minded and feeling just a liiiiiitle bit superior because I Are Srs Planner Person who does not do stickers and decoration and such in MY Very Important Srs Journal.

And then, over the past six weeks my bullet journal has expanded to hold not only my daily tasks and charts of where I am on ebook covers, and lists of appointments, but also my travel log from the cruise, a daily log of the conference I was on, a page (so far just one) to small daily sketches that I've set up to get myself in the habit of drawing at least once a day, packing lists, a generic Things I Want list (so whenever we get a bit of extra money I can look at that to see what I want to put it towards...unexpected dental work this month, no extra stuff right now!), and even, just now, notes from my Skyrim playthrough, I have come to realize that these things are a reflection of something with a long tradition that's at least several hundred years old...they're freaking commonplace books!

So now, all I have to say is...


(Seriously...there's some pretty cool-looking decorative washi tape out there right now. I suggest looking it up. I draw the line at daily affirmations, however, unless they're suitably irreverent. I've got to maintain my cynical exterior somehow.)

* I've been looking for examples of people who structure their professional office work in bullet journals and planners. There's an interesting lack of that out there, but probably because it doesn't lend itself well to artistic crafty design, just boring pages of lists nobody wants to see.

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