Here comes Mr Nice Guy

I will one day grow tired of writing up my travails at trying to learn basic hand-eye coordination with Skyrim and stop writing up Murderface McKenzie's adventures.

Today is not that day.

Anyway, after Murderface joined what he thinks is this awesome coalition of warriors with no real leader (he doesn't know the word "coalition," but you get the idea) by successfully transporting an item from one place to another place without losing it, selling it, or setting it on fire (it wasn't flammable, which I'm sure helped), and redoing a quest to clear out some bandits that the game inconveniently forgot he'd already done, Toby navigated Murderface to the Jarl's wizard's rooms because he was going to show me how to enchant and disenchant items, and we stopped there, planning to pick up later.

Well. I had to get some dental work done--I have a cracked tooth they have to put a crown on--and because of Deep Trauma the last time I got more than a cleaning done (the Novocain never kicked in), I asked my doc for something to calm me down before the appointment. She obliged with a small prescription for Xanax, I took one before the appointment, and all was well--I felt a bit of pain, they shot me up with lidocaine, I felt nothing. And I had a partially numb mouth because they numb your gums before shooting you up.

So what with all this, when I got home from the dentist (Toby drive me, no worries!) I realized that wth a numb mouth and being somewhat unsteady on my feet, I was as close to Murderface's mindset as I was ever going to get, and set to playing for an hour or so while Toby finished out his workday.

This mostly involved Murderface going through the Jarl's books and making a terrible mess of the shelves because if you press the X key you can initiate an action with an object, like read a book or put a gold coin into your inventory, but if you press and hold the X you pick the object up and carry it around. The line between pressing it and holding it is minuscule and Murderface has a tendency to idly pick up plates, wine bottles, corpses, books, etc. and drag them around a bit before realizing that he's the one making the thing move. So many of the Jarl's books ended up on the floor, but as a librarian I was already appalled at the lack of organization or shelving care--the books are stacked every which way and the volumes aren't even together--so I had no problem leaving them on the floor.

I did manage to get a screenshot of a book being held in the air like Murderface was looking for a centerfold, but I have to get it from the PS3 to a computer before I can post it.

You can occasionally get quests by reading books, and Murderface collected a couple. One of them is t find a legendary sword. Now, dude's not much for the finesse of swords when he can just bash someone with a mace, but the sword in question is described in the legend in the book as a flaming sword. FLAMING SWORD HELL YEAH

So he may one day try to do that quest.

Bored with the books, Murderface wandered outside and tried to flirt with several ladies. This was when he accidentally sold his wheat (see last post). He didn't actually succeed in much flirtation, but one woman complained about a bard who hits on her all the time, so Murderface promised to go talk to the bard on her behalf. Another one was an old lady who he agreed to help because he thought she might put in a good word with the younger ladies on his behalf. Her son is missing, and she's pretty sure a rival family has captured him, and asked Murderface to go find evidence.

He agreed, and set off to the rival family's house. He picked the lock on their front door (the back door was unlocked, by the way), let himself in, and set to snooping. He almost immediately met a member of the family, who didn't seem to care that this dude who can't even make it through a door in one go just walked into his house. That guy claimed the woman's son was dead, then walked out of the house, leaving Murderface behind.

Murderface has found no evidence so far, but there's a locked room that seems rather suspicious, even to one of Murderface's somewhat limited logical skills. He picked over the house, pocketed a few items that weren't listed in red (that means you steal them f you pick them up, and NPCs get angry at you), and picked up one more quest.

This new quest came from a young scion of the family, probably about 10. There is a girl who picks on him. Murderface has agreed to go confront this girl on behalf of the ten year old boy.

And that,s when I quit. So to sum up: book mess, flaming sword, Nice Guy, and go beat up a ten year old girl.

All in a day's work.

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