Toby's playing Fallout 4...

Toby is playing Fallout 4 again, cleaning up a few bits before he starts the Far Harbor DLC.

Here's some of the things he's been saying:

Let's go in here and see how many people are allergic to lead. Or lasers. Or, well, shit, railroad spikes. I'm not picky.

(After watching a Super Mutant Skirmisher's head explode) Heeheeheerheeeeeheeee!

That sucks. You can't shoot the can chains.

Hah, hah, hah, dumbass!

Now to make some drugs! (Sees Strong the super mutant standing at the drug crafting station) No, Strong! You are not allowed to make drugs! Ever!

(To the settler who crouches a foot above the ground, welding a corrugated iron sheet next to a cardboard box, who complains how her feet hurt) HOW DO YOUR FEET HURT? And you're welding a box. Oh, not the box. But you're about to set it on fire, dumbass.

Are you guys shooting at my fuckin' robot?

Really? All my Penetrator perks and I can't do that?

In the FACE!

(Spotting a robot through the scope) Ooh, Mark V! Nice! For me to poop on! (Shoots, it explodes)

Oh. Were you guys upstairs? Because I need to talk to one of you. With bullets.

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