A note on Skyrim

I'm going to try to get a few writeups posted in the next couple of days, because I'm 5 or 6 play sessions ahead of the writeup. :) So look out for Murderface spamming you.

Also, something I forgot to point out in the Skyrim Home And Gardens tour of Murderface's newly decorated digs:

This is the table in his second-floor reading nook. The plate beneath the sweetroll is missing because Murderface accidentally picked it up when he was trying to read the book. Also, the designer that the Dragonsreach steward hired to put all this stuff in the house has an odd aesthetic sense, because that is a DECORATIVE BOWL OF POTATOES.

(Also: be on the lookout for an amusing short video I took of Witcher 3 last night that proves Toby and I are both twelve at heart. I'm just waiting for Tumblr to decide whether or not it wants to auto-delete it. it's loads easier to just upload video directly to Tumblr and link here than to upload it from my phone anywhere else or transfer it from my phone to my computer.)

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Tags: gaming, skyrim
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