A Buzzfeed writer tries to follow the dress codes of 7 different high schools across the US and runs into trouble.

You know what makes me laugh at the trouble she had? The dress code I went to school with WAS STRICTER THAN 6 OF THESE. It was very, very close to school #7, with a few differences: we could wear shorts as long as they hit the knee, and the rule was that if you knelt on the ground, skirts had to touch the floor. Luckily, it was the mid-80s, the height of Jams fashion, and everybody wore baggy shorts.

I had a friend who almost got sent home for wearing two different color shoes--she wore one white and one red Ked sneaker, and a white sock with the red shoe and a red sock with the white shoe. The only reason she didn't get sent home was that it was the first day of school, and the assistant principal allowed it because it was "fun" for the first day, but she was warned very strictly about doing it again.

We could wear T-shirts with designs and pattern on them as long as they weren't advertising "adult" stuff like alcohol, cigarettes, the Sex Wax surfer shirts that were popular then, etc. Spuds McKenzie, the Bud Light dog, got so incredibly popular, though, that they gave up on sending kids home for wearing Spuds McKenzie shirts and allowed them if we put masking tape over all mentions of Bud Light.

NOTE that the CHEERLEADERS and the dance squad wore their uniforms all day at school on pep rally Fridays, which consisted of micro-mini flippy skirts with matching panty-style shorts and sleeveless waist-length crop tops. We all thought it was bullshit that they could wear that and we had to wear knee-length skirts and shorts with sleeved shirts.

Toby's school was even more strict than mine, but he went to a Jesuit school and was responsible for the dress code being changed the last year he was there to specify that you could not wear a black shirt with your black blazer and black tie.

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