Murderface: family man

A short update this time! If you haven’t read the one I posted previously today, about the talking dog, go read that one first.

So now that Murderface has a daughter and is all responsible and shit, he’s got to earn a living to support this small family. Which means abandoning her at home alone in Whiterun as he heads out for more adventuring!

His first step was to see if he could rid his inventory of Fjola’s ring, the ring given to him by a bandit leader in an attempt to convince her husband that she was dead. You may recall that the game glitched and she went into full aggro and attacked Murderface, so he had to club her to death in self-defense, which short-circuited the quest. He can’t report back to her about her husband’s reception of the news of her death, so he can’t close out the quest and he can’t get rid of the quest object.

The gods *coughwikicough* decree that if he can kill Husband-Bob, he might be able to close out the quest, so he headed back to Mistwatch Keep to see if Husband-Bob was still hanging around there. No sign of him, so after a bit of desultory looting of the leader’s quarters that only netted him 4 gold, he decided to finally fulfil his promise to Brother-Bob from Whiterun, after running into him on the previous quest reminded him.

In case you’ve forgotten (but of course you’re drinking in all the details thirstily because you’re all fangirling Murderface and getting ready to write fic about him, aren’t you?), Murderface had gathered SEEKRIT INFORMATION that this guy wasn’t dead, as had been reported to his family, but had been captured--what, exactly, the charges were Murderface neither remembered nor cared--and was being held at Northwatch Keep under the guard of the Thalmor, who are the government of elven supremacists who seek to end the human-led Empire or whatever, blah blah blah blah blah bitchcakes. Murderface don’t do politics.

Anyway, Thalmor warriors have lots and lots of expensive stuff, so after a quick trip back to Whiterun to divest himself of everything that he possibly could, Murderface headed up to Northwatch Keep.

He met Brother-Bob and Brother-Bob’s best buds Redshirt I and Redshirt II. In the middle of telling Brother-Bob that it was time to storm the castle, Brother-Bob said “What’s that?” and hared off after an ice wraith that had gotten close enough to trigger his proximity alarm.

Once Murderface had Brother-Bob’s attention again, he restated his eagerness to loot the keep, er, I mean rescue his brother, and they set to. True to form, Redshirts I and II didn’t even make it through the gate before being picked off by archers, but Murderface finds elves are as allergic to fire as humans, and he had very few problems. They battled their way through a relatively short path, found the brother chained to a wall by his wrists, and freed him. One more battle in the main prison area--apparently if you free the prisoners first, they help, but Murderface got attacked before he could do so--and they were through.

Murderface’s only serious strategical thought occurred to him, to cover his ass in case the keep’s sudden silence was noticed by the higher-ups and someone sent to investigate, so he let the other prisoners free in the hopes that it would muddy the waters of exactly who the object of the raid was.

I’d had advice from Toby that the bodies of the Thalmor tend to vanish on your return to the keep, so if you wanted to maximize your loot haul, the thing to do was loot the corpses, then drop all the stuff you just got. The bodies vanish and the loot remains. Murderface staggered home to Whiterun to sell a bunch of stuff, then teleported back to Northwatch to get the rest of his well-earned loot. Brother and Brother-Bob vanished to join the Stormcloak rebellion, and left Murderface with a coded message to take to their mother to reassure her of their survival. He stopped by her stall in the market and delivered the message. She was sad she couldn’t see her sons again, but understood the danger if the rescue was publicly known. She rewarded Murderface with an enchanted weapon she’d had made for her captured son, to give to him upon his return.

Murderface accepted it gratefully, then when she wasn’t looking, took it into Merchant-Bob’s shop and sold it.

Strolling along the walk in Whiterun, Runa ran up to him and asked for an allowance. Flush with gold, he forked over 100 septims and she ran off, saying “You’re the best, Papa!” All was right with the world, at least temporarily, which may be why he stopped to talk to Lucia, a beggar girl sitting on a bench under the tree. He handed her a septim and listed to her story. Her mother died, and when her aunt and uncle took over the family farm, they kicked her out. She’d made her way to Whiterun, meeting the town beggar, who Murderface remembered mostly as Drunk-Bob, who’d advised her to beg to support herself.

Something in her story must have reminded Murderface of himself for he impulsively offered to adopt her. (The refit of his house added two children’s beds.) Incredulous, she announced that she would be the best daughter ever and ran off to his house. He stopped by a merchant’s shop and bought her a doll and a new dress, then went home.

Runa was already asleep, so he gave Lucia her doll and dress--which she thankfully put on straightaway, unlike Runa--and then, because it was late, sent her to bed as well.

Murderface then spent some hours sitting by his hearth-fire, contemplating his new family and his responsibilities as a parent, still feeling that maybe something was missing…

Next time! Murderface plans for the future!

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