And because this DW/LJ has unexpectedly turned into All Video Games All The Time, here's a link to a funny article where someone decides to see what a video game character is up to when you send him home.

In Fallout 4, one of the companions is Dogmeat, a German shepherd (Alsatian, I think, if you're a Brit?). If you tell him to go home, he will run off and, some time later, end up back at your home base. This guy followed him.

To reassure you, because the Fallout 4 wasteland is a harsh one, Dogmeat is an unkillable character--if his hit points get low enough, he sits down and whines (in a really upsetting way, IMHO!) until they go back up again or you shoot him up with a stimpack.

Also, I find one of the funniest parts of the game is how Brotherhood pilots crash vertibirds ALL THE TIME.

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Tags: fallout 4, gaming
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