Things Toby said while playing Fallout 4 last night

I’m IN POWER ARMOR, homes.

YES! In the face!

Come on dude, figure it out. Your buddy’s dead. You’re smarter than that. Bye!

*cackles madly* I love it when their heads come off!

[after targeting a wolf identified as Vicious Wolf] I’m going to adopt a wolf and name it Sid. Where’d he go? Come on, Sid! *shoots, laughs* Spinning head! Huh. For some reason the wolf has pre-war money.

*evil laugh* Point-blank in the face! Wait, why are you on fire? Why am *I* on fire??

Whoa! Okay, you’re named. Suck it!

Is this how you want to end? Cause I can make that happen. Oh, I did make that happen.

Really? You see what I did to your friends? Evidently not.

*high-pitched giggle*

Oh! In the crotch! I’m kinda sorry about that, dude. But not much.

Just for that I’m going to shoot your legs. Oops, I was only able to do one.

Why do you have nuclear material on you? That’s really not healthy.

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Tags: fallout 4, gaming
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