We had to take Nefer in to the vet on Monday morning because she'd been displaying signs of a UTI. No definite diagnosis yet, because we had to go home with a urine sample kit, which consists of a small handful of nonabsorbent sand, a pipette, and a vial. Toby telecommuted today and we locked Nefer into the spare bedroom and hall bath (they're connected), and set up the spycam to keep an eye on the litter substitute. It worked, and I even got the pics before Toby did, so I texted him that Nefer had been at the litter, and he collected the sample and took it in to the vet. We'll find out more after they have a chance to test it.

But all that is to say that we haven't gotten around to taking the camera up yet, and the cats have been wandering in and out of the bathroom all afternoon, trying to figure out what's up, and these three shots caught Sora with the right timing and going in the right direction to make it look like he's spread out over three pictures.

Well, I found it interesting.

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